“Sharon Ballard belts out soul classics.”

“Sharon Ballard sings like a true diva.”

“Sharon Ballard ignites the place with her soulful vocals.”

“Singer Sharon Ballard, has an outstanding voice. She bought another touch of magic to the performance.”

"The standout performance (and voice) is Sharon Cherry Ballard as Tiffany Turner, ...with a booty jiggling attitude"

"Sharon Cherry Ballard is the company's outstanding vocalist"

"... Sharon Cherry Ballard ... oozing Eartha Kitt like sexiness"

“Sharon Cherry Ballard contributes a vivacious Fairy Godmother”

"Sharon Ballard as the Spirit of the Bells should be congratulated for her intensely moving rendition of My Heart Will Go On in the midst of slapstick insanity"

"Sharon Cherry Ballard shines with Day by Day, the Godspell song that will be in your head all the way home"

"Day by Day is the most well known song in the show and in Sharon Cherry Ballard's capable hands, it remains an enduring classic"

"A beautifully soulful reading from Sharon Cherry Ballard was one of the highlights of the show”

Sharon Cherry Ballard, the Fairy Godmother who fixes up Cinders, was excellent and my little sister’s favourite - her eyes lit up whenever she came on stage. Her line “You shall go to the ball!” was welcomed like an old friend by the audience.

“The vocals were strong and slick, and special mention must go to Sharon Cherry Ballard as the Fairy Godmother, who was so Deloris Van Cartier I spent much of Act I expecting her to burst into Fabulous, Baby.”

“...backed by one of Europe's finest ..... soulful and sassy singers, ... Sharon Cherry Ballard"